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          Talks have already started about the pending divorce from the EU, which will take up to two years.
          The news site, quoting an anonymous source from CCTV, did not name the two female workers, nor did it elaborate how they were connected with the two senior producers placed under investigation earlier this month.
          The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is drawing up regulation to prevent the law risks of central State-owned enterprises in overseas markets, which will be put in place by the end of the year.
          Police helicopters have also been mobilized to monitor fire-prone areas and transmit emergency alerts to ground control, he added.
          Anyone aged 18 and over can sign up to become an organ donation volunteer by following instructions on the website.
          People walk outside of a flooded house after a rainstorm in Wennei village of Chaonan District in Shantou, South Chinas Guangdong province, Aug 20, 2013.
          The UK now is very open to Chinese investments, and UK companies are very open to collaboration and partnerships with Chinese companies, he said.
          98 euros and in Paris 12.
          Dimitry Kumsishvili, first deputy prime minister of Georgia PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILYGeorgia will see more Chinese investment in its power, financial services, railways and port construction sectors this year, said Dimitry Kumsishvili, the countrys first deputy prime minister.
          They described him as a 1.
          Private capital is welcomed to invest in and run oil and gas storage facilities.
          Bosses just dont often invest heavily in a 8.
          However, after getting good advice from the doctor and becoming physically fit, she decided to summit Mount Qomolangma again.
          On the other hand, we expect more facilitation on visas and residence permits from Italy.
          The new standards will be implemented soon.
          He maintained that the polls at the weekend, which caused so much panic in the breasties of the No campaign, actually showed that independence was the most popular option.
          Exit polls show the Chocolate King Poroshenko won Sundays presidential election with an absolute majority.
          Schwarzeneggers relationship with the two magazines goes back to 1968, when he was just 21, and he has appeared on their covers more than 60 times.
          [Hao Yan / ]Executives from United States electric carmaker Tesla Motor Inc will visit Sinopec Group next week to discuss potential cooperation to establish vehicle-charging facilities, an insider with the Chinese company told China Daily on Tuesday.
          It was rented by the Hong Kong Electric Company to send some of its staff and their family members for an evening cruise to watch a massive fireworks display at the Victoria Harbor.
          China and Russia view each other as a priority in their foreign policy.
          9, which shows the countrys economic growth remains on track, although the momentum eased moderately, analysts said.
          A Volkswagen vehicle is displayed at a car show in Haikou, Hainan province, in September.
          Any single casualty is a cause for distress.
          Senior writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson are the new showrunners.
          Both Chinese and Russian media industries have seen the traditional media lose their original positions, said Anton Anisimov, head of International Broadcasting, Sputnik News Agency and Radio.
          Xujiahui metro station, Shanghai.
          Upon arrival at the Macao International Airport, Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan were greeted by Macao SAR Chief Executive Chui Sai On and his wife Fok Waifun, and two Macao pupils who presented bouquets to them.
          The industry breakthrough could also mean business opportunities for John Wang, Greater China head of Avaya Inc, whose networking and Unified Communications technology helped to provide seamless voice, video and data coverage throughout the event.
          When he died at the age of 37, his body was mummified and local people made a statue with the mummy inside at around the time in Chinas Song Dynasty (960-1279).
          • Pretax deductions for innovation-based tech firms will be expanded from 50 to 75 percent of primary research and development costs from 2017 to 2019.
          3 percent from the corresponding period last year despite falling luxury goods sales, said the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday.
          I used to insist on speaking the dialect with my son at home, but he soon shifted to Putonghua, which was spoken in kindergarten, said Wang Yajing, a Shanghai resident.
          Reserves of gas hydrate, as combustible ice or flammable ice is known, in the South China Sea are estimated at 80 billion metric tons of oil equivalent, he added.
          11, when the IMF Executive Board voted to extend the current makeup of the SDR until Sept 30, 2016.
          The ministry also set timetables for cities suffering different degrees of air pollution.
          4 percentage points from that in 2016.
          In February 2016, Chen Man, a farmer in Hainan province who was wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years for homicide and arson, was declared innocent by the top court due to a lack of evidence.
          BEIJING - China is expected to raise its forest coverage to 21.
          In our next story, a teacher in Wuhan is taking attendance in an untraditional way.
          Bush, they honored the five Dallas policemen slain last week and urged Americans to rise above racial divides and reject despair.
          Irans Jalal Hosseini (L) heads the ball near Nigerias Ahmed Musa during their 2014 World Cup Group F soccer match at the Baixada arena in Curitiba June 16, 2014.
          Screen grab from PLA Dailys official website, April 18, showing articles by 17 senior PLA officials.
          This is down almost 7 percentage points from the previous session.
          [PHOTO BY LIAO ZHENGYAN / FOR CHINA DAILY]The firm is vigorously investigating all potential contributing causes of the crash, the notice read.
          In May 2013, dozens of stray cats were abused and slaughtered in a residential district in Beijing, with the fur of the animals almost completely plucked out.
          TOKYO - The worlds longest-serving death row inmate was freed Thursday by a Japanese court which found investigators had likely fabricated evidence in the murder case that put the former pro boxer behind bars for nearly half a century.

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